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Samsung ML-1520P In Review

Samsung was one of the first to introduce available for mass users. When some makers traded a relatively inexpensive gadget with very costly consumables, Samsung primarily proposed cheap printers with very affordable cartridges. All Samsung models completely correspond to the requirements of modern printers as far as quality, speed and capabilities are concerned.

The line of laser printers had changed and expanded with new interesting models, and one of them is a budget solution, the Samsung ML-1520P.

This model has a convenient horizontal design, which is more advantageous compared to the vertical layout.

At the bottom of the printer, there is the 250-sheet input tray. Unlike printers made in a vertical design, the paper is located inside the printer, which eliminates dust and dirt on the basic mechanisms of the printer, including the drum.

Due to rare locking system, the input tray is a versatile container for the media of various sizes and envelopes. To make sure the printer is loaded with paper, there is a unique mechanical indicator, located on the right corner of the main tray.

There's also a multipurpose 50-sheet tray above the main tray to provide urgent feed not only of standard media, but also cardboard, dense films and envelopes. By the way, to print on thick media the Samsung ML-1520P uses the method of straightforward media passage, which prevents paper folds and jams.

The main output tray is located on the upper side of the printer. It is designed to receive 50 sheets face-down. By the way, the input tray on the back side receives pages face up.

On the upper side is located a universal control panel, which includes the printing cancel button and two indicators to display the current mode and status of printing.

Now, let's view the printer's rear. There are located all the necessary interface ports, including power socket. ML-1520P has two universal interface ports: the LPT and USB.

Cartridge is installed from the front, into a corresponding concealed slot. Inserting the toner cartridge is simple, just align it to the guides and impulsion inside the printer.

Installing the software needed to work correctly printer takes just a couple of minutes, all of the process is conceivable for the user. Once the drivers have been installed, the user gets access to a number of additional options that adjust the document layout, print quality and other features.

As for speed rate, the real test was surprising. When printing a page of book the first page came within 7 seconds, with a fulfilled time of printing a solo simulate of 16 seconds. When printing a 20 page file with great illustrations and massive texts, first page out in 15 seconds required to upload the numbers to the printer's memory. Here the total printing time was about 100 seconds.

As far as quality of printing is concerned, Samsung ML-1520P is not worse than other printers on the market. The written aura has a sufficient intensity and uniformity of contents. Moreover, ML-1520P has the toner country genre, discount up to 40% of toner. The worth of printing practically does not inflame. In reality, the condition of visual cipher remains the same, but the cinema become a little lighter.

As for the cost of consumables, a toner cartridge for ML-1520P, 3000 copies will cost about $75 which is more than affordable, compared to other budget models. How long will this toner cartridge last? The answer to this question depends upon how you plan to use the printer. If you print the black pages, then do not expect more than 1,000 copies. If you print regular documents, with an average coverage and in toner economy mode, you can print up to 5,000 copies. So, this printer is an optimal combination of ergonomic design, high-speed, low cost Samsung toner and low noise level, and that makes the Samsung ML-1520P the ideal choice not only for home use, but for a small office or department where the need to obtain a high quality and printing speed is limited by budget.
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How to Legaly hack your way to the top of google

By now, you have heard the buzz about article advertising and marketing, video submitting, social bookmarking, social networking, and blogging.

In any case, Facebook alone has over 500 million members. Twitter is rising at over 1100% a year. YouTube has over 50% of all net traffic. Even "unknown" social networking sites has huge development and tens of millions of members.

and that is solely scratching the surface...

As thousands of Web Entrepreneurs already know, backlinks from in style websites, movies, RSS Feeds and articles provide the surest route to high rankings in Google, tons of free site visitors and lots of focused customers.
And it’s a “dream technique” for many other causes, too.

Free promoting
Viral advertising
Boost your private and business credibility
Massive exposure to hundreds of thousands of potential guests
Get steady site visitors to your web site for years
Reach the unreachables

Join the fastest rising sites on the web
So in case you’ve discovered to write down articles, weblog posts, make movies, (or you’re presently studying how), then congratulations.

Writing efficient articles and making viral movies is the first step. But you additionally must know the “traffics side,” reminiscent of:
The right way to position your content in the market so you shortly stand out and get noticed.

How you can find the correct sites to submit your content to and attain them in the fitting ways.

Tips on how to get your materials on all of the websites you need it on, without expensive outsourcing.

Tips on how to keep up-to-date on the list of ever altering 'Hot" websites to submit to.

The right way to handle and full marketing campaigns like a pro so your promotions make buying your product or affiliate offering a 'no-brainer'.
That’s the second step.

And once you mix these highly effective steps (knowing learn how to produce great content AND the right way to get these awesome posts and movies on the right websites), then there’s not much that can stop you from becoming a HUGE success on this market.

However here's the issue: What sites do you concentrate on?

Just signing up for all one hundred’s these sites might take a year.
So I've a vital question to ask you: Are You Prepared for a …
With Magic Submitter, you can save hours of tedious drudgery posting articles to article directories, bookmarking them, uploading movies and updating RSS feeds.

If you want to entice extra visitors and turn these visits into sales, then writing articles and submitting to article administrators will help you achieve both goals without delay

All the top article directories make Web advertising just a little easier by offering web site house owners and bloggers all the free articles they will use. They will select from articles of their area of interest or broaden their websites with free articles about any topic imaginable. This benefits the your by increasing your variety of backlinks and placing your free articles on hundreds of other sites.

Magic Submitter makes it a breeze to publish your articles on over 35 excessive traffic Article Directories.

Running a blog continues to be the only-most essential thing you are able to do in Social Media and Internet 2.0. I've been reflecting on this thought, and I imagine it to be true.

Search Engines love Blogs. Having your content material out there and current when someone is doing a search together with your keywords is critical, and can develop into much more important within the coming years as an increasing number of of your buyer's first interactions occur with the search box.

Magic Submitter helps you submit to over 27 blogs and micro-blogs!
Today, nothing else is as vital as premium backlinks from high authority websites with high traffic.

Social networks are the very best example. These sites get millions of every day visitors, they've highest authority in engines like google, and a single backlink from a social bookmarking website helps more than a one hundred backlinks from different sites!

By bookmarking your websites, Google, Yahoo! and Bing all index your content in hours, typically inside minutes.

The bookmarking sites themselves have hundreds of thousands of visitors, lots of whom will likely be searching there for information on your Niche.

So every time you publish an article, make a weblog put up, add a video, bookmark it. There are 26 websites listed now and we add more everyday. Plus, if you have your individual favourite Bookmarking website, you'll be able to add it your self!

You do understand that with Magic Submitter, you possibly can be creating hundreds of Profiles and posting your content material beneath all of them on an on-going basis...

Overlook about out-sourcing this to the Philippines, Eastern Europe or India. you can be doing it yourself in seconds a day!

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Understanding How Affiliate Marketing Works

Many times companies or individuals want to make their product and services known to as many people as possible. They are mainly online businesses and are willing to pay to have their business promoted. They create programs where regular people can sign up and be associate of theirs. This in a nutshell is what affiliate marketing is all about.

In order to understand affiliate marketing, you have to understand marketing. Marketing is not selling. It is about persuasion. It is all about the people. You are trying to attract the right people to the product by persuading them to go to the company's website to potentially buy the product or service.

You get paid based on commissions. When a customer buys the product from the company, you get paid, but only when the customer buys the product. If they don't buy then you don't get paid. It's really that simple. Sometimes the customer asks for a refund and you may loose money, but if it is a good product this rarely happens.

An affiliate link is needed if you want to promote a business. Once you register you are given an affiliate link. With this link attached to your blog or website, you can promote products and services and get paid. If you don't have an affiliate link or have one that is not yours, you do not make any money. It will go to a different person.

Owning your own website will give you the opportunity to add content related to the product that you trying to promote. Many affiliate programs provide tools for their affiliates like banners and links that you can add to your site. Some even provide prewritten articles that you can change slightly to post on your website. There are also prewritten emails that are offered to affiliates. Some companies offer lots of tools, some don't.

If someone want to generate traffic or just have many people view the website, they might also use an affiliate program to do this. It's not always about having a product to sell. There are many websites with good content and lots of information to share. You may be paid a fee for promoting these sites as well.

It helps to be passionate about what you are promoting. Potential customers are more likely to show interest in a product if you provide quality content on a website or in your article. Even though getting paid is important, getting customers interested and holding their interest is equally important. If they are not interested in what you have to say, they would not see a reason to look at anything else.

To be successful in affiliate marketing you have to be focused. Knowing what you are interested in and what is best for you will help you to go far. When deciding what it is you want to promote, be sure to research the products or information so that you can make a sound decision. The internet has a vast amount of information available on this subject.

Internet marketing is the first choice of many individuals starting a home-based business. An online business offers you the best opportunity to reach customers and sell products to a global market.
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5 Fast Solutions To Drive Traffic to Your Website

Website traffic is a vital the key to profits. The more traffic you have, the more money you make. Whether you’re selling a new product or just want add more subscribers to your list, sometimes you need a lot of traffic fast. Here are 5 quick solutions to drive traffic to your website.

#1 Article Marketing.

Article marketing works great when you focus your efforts on quality article marketing sites with large audiences. One well written and informative article, rewritten a few times, and submitted to a handful of directories can generate the all traffic you’re looking for. Be sure to include a resource box that includes a call to action and a link to your website to motivate people to visit your website.

#2 Web 2.0

Social media works well if you have a large following on any of the social media sites such as Squidoo or Facebook. You can get a ton of traffic to your website quickly. The key is to create attention grabbing posts that arouse curiosity, make people laugh or stir up a controversy. Your goal is to generate clicks to your website. To make the most of your social networking tactics use technology to get the job done. For example, one StumbleUpon post can be integrated with both Facebook and Twitter profiles so you’re making waves on all three social sites at once.

#3 Blogging.

Post on your own blog or be a guest blogger on a blog with a large number of subscribers. Just like social networking, if you offer an informative, controversial or entertaining post, you’ll have people clicking through to your website like crazy. Of course, if you also promote this fantastic blog post(s) via social media, you can double your traffic results.

#4 Video content.

It’s amazing how quickly a video can go viral. Like print content, videos that entertain, stir up a bit of controversy or offer tremendous value cause a buzz. They’re forwarded to friends and downloaded on laptops and mobile devices around the globe. A good video can generate all the traffic you need. Again, integrate a bit of social media to promote your video, blog about it too, and you can multiply your traffic results.

#5 Partnerships.

Partnering with a relevant or compatible business can work quite well to generate traffic fast. The key is to come up with a mutually beneficial agreement. Find people in your industry that are willing to work with you and help each other drive traffic. A partnership may include guest blogging on each other’s sites, swapping advertisements or even promoting one another in your newsletter. |It’s possible to drive a ton of traffic to your website fast. The trick is to have a plan in place, know your viewers and your goals, and take action.

Need more traffic to your website? Go to http://nobullwebmarketing.com for more free information and grab some Free Reports on how to increase traffic to you website today.
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Bluetooth Headphones: 3 Most Important Buyer Issues

Bluetooth headphones are fast becoming necessary accessories for many people who live in today's fast-moving and techie world. These headphones used to be accessible only to those who can afford them or to the geeks. But, if the steadily increasing market introduction of more and new bluetooth headphone models tells anything, it is that more and more people are needing them. The increase of the bluetooth headphone population in the market has helped in decreasing their prices through healthy competition. This bodes well for you, a potential buyer, as this market condition gives you more options to choose from and at different prices. Read on for three important tips to keep in mind when buying a bluetooth headphone.

Call Features

Regardless of brand or model, your bluetooth headphone will let you enjoy listening to streamed audio from an electronic device such as an MP3 player. The amazing thing about this is that you don't need wires to connect the headphone to the player anymore--the music just comes to your headphone through microwaves. Even if the connection is wireless, bluetooth headphones produce quality and high-fidelity sound. Another important feature common to every bluetooth headphone are the basic call functions. Every bluetooth headphone lets you dial phone numbers, accept or reject incoming calls, redial the last phone number you called, mute a call, etc.

In addition to the basic call functions, some bluetooth headphone models have add-on features. The presence of advanced features can spell a great difference in price. Yet, you ought to consider the advanced functions and decide whether they are necessary to your intended use. For instance, while the sound quality of bluetooth headphones is already of excellent quality, some models include a noise removal function to produce cleaner and crisper sound. Other models have a voice command function that lets you operate your cell phone by dictating the commands through your headphone. Call features are important considerations when you shop for a new bluetooth headphone. So, figure out which features are necessary to you, as the presence or absence of a feature can mean a difference in price.

Multipoint Capability

Most bluetooth headphones are rather monogamous: they bond only with one gadget at a time. Some models, however, are capable of pairing with two devices at the same time. Thanks to multipoint technology, such models can provide greater convenience to you. For example, a bluetooth headphone with multipoint capability can make a simultaneous connection to two other devices. Therefore, you can listen to your MP3 player and wait for incoming calls on your phone at the same time. Multipoint capability is an advanced feature that adds more value to your bluetooth headphone, so you can expect headphones with multipoint capability to be a little bit pricier than usual.

Design and Style

With hundreds of bluetooth headphone models and brands available on the market today, you can be sure that at least one perfectly suits your personality, taste, or lifestyle. Choosing the best one is easy if you don't really care about price differences. But, if you are looking to squeeze more value from every cent that comes out of your pocket, you need to choose more intelligently. Choose on the basis of comfort, convenience, and target use. Bluetooth headphones are generally classified into two: boomed and boomless. One has a microphone that extends from the earpiece, while the other does not have such an extension. Boomless headphones tend to be more compact, as well. And, they can be a little more costly than usual. Choose your design and style wisely. Make sure that you try on the bluetooth headphone before you buy it.

People buy bluetooth headphones primarily because of the convenience and comfort that bluetooth headphones can add to their busy lives. Yet, presented with a lot of brands and models, you can easily get lost in choosing which one is the best for you. This article helps you in finding your way back.

Jim Cooper is a tech lover who has been writing about useful electronic gadgets such as bluetooth headphones for years. If you love techie gadgets such as bluetooth headphones, hop over to Jim's site to buy one for yourself or simply to read more interesting stories about bluetooth headphones.
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How To Watch Family Guy Episodes Online

If you want to know how you can watch Family Guy episodes online, then you should be aware that the internet can provide you with a lot of ways so that you can do so. If you are going to search for some of the best tools, you will realize that there are actually hundreds of them. However, if you are going to learn more about these, you will realize that not all of them are really that effective. And because of this, there is really a need for you to be decisive when picking the right tool.

For one, you can access some of the most popular free streaming sites. And since they are for free, this is certainly a very practical way to watch Family Guy episodes online. The only problem is that most of these free portals are loaded with various errors and virus. So if you do not want to face all of these hassles, it is recommended that you avoid these free portals.

It is still much better if you are going to use some of the best premium portals. In several ways, this is actually considered to be the best way so that you can watch Family Guy episodes online. With this method, you will no longer have to worry about the comprehensiveness of the directory and the quality of the videos because the can certainly provide you with everything that you need.

It is also a good idea if you are going to use a special Tuner Card. You only need to install this hardware through your computer and everything is set. The only problem is that there are some versions that still need to be installed inside your PC. Fortunately, there are some versions that can be easily plugged in through the USB port.

Actually, the best way so that you can see your favorite TV shows through the internet is through a satellite TV on PC software piece. This is very easy to use because you only need to download it through a reliable site.

This is actually much better because it is very comprehensive and expensive. It can actually allow you to access about 3000 channels form all over the world and this is certainly a great thing.

This is also a more practical way so that you can watch Family Guy episodes online. With this software, you will no longer have to pay for the monthly subscription fees.

With this software, you are assured that you will be able to watch Family Guy episodes online conveniently and effectively.

Discover how you can instantly watch TV on computer or PC for pennies. Also read this on how to watch LIVE TV on computer.
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Easily Watch True Blood Episodes Online

It is actually very easy to watch True Blood episodes online. However, this is only true if you know the kinds of tools that you are going to use. As you already know, the internet can offer you with hundreds of tools that you can use. Unfortunately, not all of these are really as effective as they claim to be. And because of this, there is really a need for you to be decisive when choosing the right method so that you can see your favorite show through your personal computer.

If you really want to watch True Blood episodes online, then you might just want to consider using some of the more popular streaking sites. There are actually hundreds of these all over the internet and you might want to try them, out. A lot of people are actually hooked with this method because they are being offered for free.

However, you need to realize that this is not the only thing that you may get form these free portals. Aside from free stuffs, you might also get some virus, errors, and even spyware. There are also those that are very troublesome to use. So if you want to watch True Blood episodes online through this method, you might just get frustrated.

These are the main reasons why the use of fee-based portals is much recommended by a lot of experts. With these premium services, you can expect that you can really get everything that you want. There databases are also very comprehensive so you are assured that you will be able to access the show that you want to view.

The only problem is that these kinds of services are not being offered for free. So if you are trying to save some cash, this method will certainly not help you. But if you want, you can actually avail some of their packages depending on your budget and needs.

It is actually much better if you are going to download a special satellite TV on PC software through the internet. In several ways, this is much better than the previous mentioned methods. This is very practical and comprehensive, so you are assured that you can really get the best service there is.

And with this tool, you are assured that you will be able to watch True Blood episodes online. This is because they can offer about 300 television stations from all over the world.

There are actually still other ways so that you can watch True Blood episodes online but these 3 methods are the most effective.

Learn how to watch LIVE TV on PC without expensive monthly subscriptions. Also read another article on how to watch divx movies online.
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afiliansi marketing

Affiliate marketing is an extremely popular concept today. With the power of the internet, more people are able to take their businesses to a bigger crowd and subsequently boost their profits. There is no dearth to the number of ways that you can gain from affiliate marketing today. Of all the different methods, the easiest way to profit is to make use of Squidoo.

Not too long back, people preferred different article marketing sites. But, in the meantime, Squidoo lens is the thing that has gained popularity significantly among newbie. There are innumerous individuals who agree to the fact that Squidoo marketing is extremely easy, but this might not always be the case. However, if you do want to start using it, here are 3 steps that can put you on the fast lane to incorporate affiliate marketing using Squidoo.

What is the first step on your way?

The first step is always very crucial and will determine the kind of interest that you will pursue the future with. As per any reliable guide to affiliate marketing, a lot depends on the company you choose to do the marketing for. All your advertising strategies are going to depend on the services and products you need to sell. Hence, be clear while making the choice in the first place. Once you have this goal set, you will have many internet marketing solutions providing you the support you need to proceed in designing your marketing strategies. Squidoo will help you in making an impact in that particular territory.

What is the second step to succeed easily and quickly?

Now, you should create your lens. If you are wondering what a lens means, it refers to the Squidoo page. This webpage is basically the difference from this publishing platform and the other options. Other platforms expect you to create multiple pages for your photos, videos and information related to the product or service that you pick. However, with Squidoo, you can publish all of this information on just a single page.

In fact, you should build your lens with various points borne in mind. First of all, choose keywords related to the product that are the most profitable and write articles based around them. You can also create videos of your product in order to increase the chances of people sitting up and taking notice. A couple of pictures highlighting the product you have chosen will also do wonders for marketing it.

What is the third step to put money in your pocket?

The final step is to promote your lens. The best part about using Squidoo is that you do not need to bend over backwards to promote your lens. As compared to ClickBank affiliate marketing, Squidoo affiliate marketing has a lot of advantages in terms of visibility. The page ranging of a Squidoo lens is very high in search engines. So, all you need to do is to fill in relevant and informative content that can give your readers all the information they need.

After 3 years of hard working and long nights, I brilliantly found out how to learn affiliate marketing the easiest way. I wish I could come across this FREE guide before. But it is your chance now to avoid my mistake and make an online income using the best internet marketing affiliate program.
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Trus..hebatnya lagi, fungsi Read More ini mampu menampilkan image pertama dalam postingan dan mem-fload image tersebut di awal paragraf awal, meskipun gambar yang kita letakan berada di tengah atau akhir postingan. Mungki lebih nyaman saya sebut saja dengan fasilitas image thumbnail.

Tidak hanya itu saja, kita dapat juga pengatur jumlah karakter yang ditampilkan. Disini ada 2 pilihan untuk jumlah karakter. Yang pertama, jumlah karakter yang ditampilkan jika ada image yang diikutsertakan dalam postingan dan yang kedua jumlah karakter tanpa image. Masih bingung maksudnya? sama..yang jelasin juga puyeng wkwkwkw Ya sudah, biar sama2 gak pusing langsung ke tutorialnya saja ok.

Penting! Yang sudah memasang Read More versi lama sebaiknya di kodenya kembalikan dulu ke seperti semula, caranya hapus kode yang berwarna merah dibawah ini (Setiap template mungkin berbeda, jadi tinggal disesuaikan saja)


OK, kalo sudah tinggal lanjutkan dengan tutorial dibawah.

Pertama, silahkan tuju langsung ke halaman EDIT HTML, Cari kode kemudian letakan script dibawah ini di atas kode Kalo sudah, jangan lupa di simpan terlebih dahulu.

Langsung copy paste aja kode dibawah ini:

Masih pada halaman EDIT HTML, Beri tanda centang pada "Expand widget template" lalu temukan kode seperti dibawah

Kalo sudah, ganti kode dengan semua kode dibawah ini


silahkan disimpan dan lihat hasilnya :)


var thumbnail_mode = "float"; (kita dapat memutuskan apakah letak thumbnail berada di (float) kiri atau jika tidak silahkan ganti dengan (no-float)
summary_noimg = 250; (Menetapkan berapa banyak karakter akan ditampilkan di posting tanpa gambar / thumbnail)
summary_img = 250; (Menetapkan berapa banyak karakter akan ditampilkan di posting dengan gambar / thumbnail)
img_thumb_height = 120; (Thumbnail 'tinggi dalam piksel)
img_thumb_width = 120; (Thumbnail 'lebar dalam piksel)


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Membuat Script Tukeran Link

tukeran link penting dalam blog cuyy....
Masuk ke Dashboard, --> Layout --> add Gadget, pilih HTML/Javascript.

Berikut adalah scriptnya..

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Memasang Read More Versi Baru di Blogger

Anda sering bermasalah dengan Read More di blogspot ? semoga saat ini tidak lagi karena blogger telah men-support read more ini.
Cukup dengan memasukkan kode <!-- more -->) atau dengan klik icon Insert jump break (di new editor) pada artikel yang akan diposting, maka artikel anda kini sudah dilengkapi dengan Read more.

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Judul blog sangat penting karena berperan sebagai keyword di mesin pencari. Tetatpi kadang judul blog terlihat kurang menarik. Kita tidak bisa menghapusnya, yang kita lakukan adalah menyembunyikannya. Begitu juga untuk deskripsi blog.

Nah, bagi yang ingin menghilangkannya caranya adalah sebagai berikut:


mamasang animasi di pojok blog

Pasti pada bingung nih, apa maksudnya dan kenapa judulnya begitu, sebenarnya aku sendiri juga bingung mau ngasih judul apa untuk trik yang berikut ini. Setelah aku pikir-pikir eee.. nggak nemu-nemu juga judul yang cocok, ya udah deh aku asal aja kasih judul gitu. Trus apa maksudnya dari judul tersebut dan trik apa yang akan dibahas?

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Lirik Nagareboshi Shooting Star – Lagu Ending Naruto Shippuden

*Sora wo miagereba
Hoshitachi ga hora matataiteru
Kono hoshi no hitodachi mitai ni
Samazama na hikari wo hanatte

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Jumat, 26 Maret 2010


Gwe bikin nih tutorial buat bikin virus yg rada mematikan, tapi simple, dan kayanya sih ga bakal kedekteksi antivirus, soalnya cara kerjanya simple bgt

Yg diperluin:
1. VB(optimal : 6.0)
2. Ngerti tombol2nya VB